Tour Around Lisbon

Tour Around Lisbon

Sintra, Cascais, Estoril, Roca Cape – Half or full day trip

A classic and a MUST!

This Tour Around Lisbon takes you on a trip to the Golden Triangle: the towns of Sintra, Cascais and Estoril, home of many romantic palaces. Choose among Pena Palace, enigmatic and mysterious Quinta da Regaleira, Sintra’s National Palace, French style Queluz Palace (inspired by Versailles) or Mafra’s Royal Palace and Monastery.

Sintra is certainly the most mysterious of these towns. Tucked in a forest, it has amazing palaces with impressive stories to be told. The weather is cooler than in Lisbon and that is why Sintra was traditionally the place where Lisbon’s aristocracy spent their summers.

History, luxury, enigmatic forests, the magnificent Atlantic Ocean and some mysterious espionage stories; are some of the highlights of this tour around Lisbon. Enjoy the breathtaking views from Cape Roca (Cabo da Roca), the westernmost point of Continental Europe:

“…where the land ends and the ocean begins.” as written by Luís de Camões, the 16th century Portuguese poet.

We’ll also visit Cascais, the elegant resort and fishing village, still holding intact all its charm, stillness and class. Since the 19th century it has been one of the favorite residential spots of many European Royal Houses and Aristocracy, who built their palaces and residences here.

The trip back to Lisbon will take you along the world famous Estoril Coast, driving through  all resort towns near Lisbon on a scenic road by the Atlantic Ocean. We can visit the world famous Casino de Estoril, the largest casino in Europe and it is said it was built after a careful Feng Shui project. It is also the inspiration for Ian Fleming’s 007 novel Casino Royale.

The area from Lisbon to Cascais is known in Portugal as ‘linha de Cascais’ because of the rails of the train’s route from Lisbon to Cascais which follow the coast.

Choose which and how many palaces you want to visit and build your own itinerary at your pace. I’ll be here to assist with your final decision!