Nightlife Lisbon Tour

Nightlife Lisbon Tour

Finding ourselves in a foreign country with the time and energy to go out at night but not really knowing where to start is something that most of us have experienced and is rather frustrating.

The Nightlife Lisbon Tour will surprise you! Lisbon is a thriving European capital city with an exciting nightlife of all sorts you just can’t miss. I will take you to the best and liveliest clubs and bars or to the best Fado Houses in town or to that special Restaurant that will become one of your favorites or… your choice. And there is plenty of it.

Fancy sipping a cocktail in a classy bar with stunning views overlooking the Tagus River while enjoying the sunset? The famous Docas is a strip of Cafés, Restaurants, Nightclubs and Bars by the River.

The famous Bairro Alto is the place to go for a Restaurant before heading for different small bars with live music.

There are also stylish Nightclubs and discos with the best resident DJs, Jazz Clubs, Piano Bars and more.

The hotspots keep changing in a big city and besides Bairro Alto and The Docas the traditional places to hang out, there are other ‘newcomers’ very interesting as well. One of them is Cais do Sodré, the recently revamped neighborhood that used to be Lisbon’s red-light district many decades ago and has now become a hotspot with some very chic places, or Praça do Comércio, where you will be welcomed into some interesting clubs.

The dress code is never too strict and going out at night is not too expensive… unless you really want to go extravagant, which is also a possibility with some very exclusive clubs in town.

As far as timings, keep in mind night starts late in Lisbon! After dinner, there are plenty of bars to visit before heading for the nightclubs.

If you fancy a special Casino night out, whether it is for cocktails, games or an International Show, visit the modern Lisbon Casino or the Casino of Estoril.

Great fun for all!