Lisbon Walking Tour

Lisbon Walking Tour

Walking tour around old Lisbon and its Jewish and Moorish quarters.

Find out the best well-kept secrets of the old town in this Lisbon Walking Tour, a city founded back around 1200 BCE (Before Common Era) by Phoenicians who arrived from present day Lebanon. During our walk you will see the archeological site of 1st century Roman Theater, built under the rulership of Emperor Augustus, visit Lisbon’s 12th century Cathedral and one of Lisbon’s skyline landmarks and Saint George’s Castle, from where you will enjoy the most breathtaking views overlooking the city.

Learn about Moors and Jews as we explore Alfama with its Judiaria (Jewish quarter) and Mouraria (Moorish quarter) and how Lisbon became the capital of an old kingdom, a city older than Paris, London and Rome itself.

This is a very special tour to appreciate one of Lisbon’s well known wonders: Its light. Some say it is the river reflecting on the white buildings, others say it’s because of the latitude… whether it is one, the other or something else, the truth is that Lisbon has a wonderfully special glow year-round. Don’t miss it!

You will feel the hustle and bustle of this vibrant city as if you lived in it, see the famous yellow tramways (or “eléctricos” as they are known locally) and visit famous squares such as majestic Terreiro de Paço and cosmopolitan Rossío and walk around downtown Lisbon, known as Baixa which was all rebuilt in the 18th century under the rulership of Marquês de Pombal after the devastating earthquake in 1755.

We will also ride on one of the famous public elevators that exist in Lisbon, Santa Justa, Bica, Glória or Lavra and we’ll walk by the spectacular ruins of the Igreja do Carmo.

Bring your camera for some amazing shots!