Fado and Amália TourFado and Amália Tour

Exclusive Tour

The Fado and Amália Tour is unique in its kind and exclusively dedicated to Portugal’s national song, Fado and to its diva Amália Rodrigues.

Amália was an incredibly strong woman, owner of a magnificent voice and a great personality; I was  lucky enough to have met her in person. For some time I couldn’t stop thinking about how to make my small tribute to her person and achievements when I understood that nothing could be better than a tour especially dedicated to her and the music she sang around the world. As she said in her own words:

“Fado came from the sea, the vast sea in front of us. Fado came from the lament for our sailors who departed and never returned.”

Fado and Amália TourFado was recently declared by UNESCO as World’s Cultural Heritage and this exclusive tour is not only about visiting a Fado House, since there is much more to it. The word Fado comes from Latin ‘fatum’, meaning destiny, a music style characterized by mournful, grieving songs. Melancholy is a word often linked to Fado as well. It was first sung by sailors, tough men who never knew when their trip to sea would be their last, although nowadays singers are mostly women: dressed in long, black, elegant gowns with touches of red, all very dramatic, intense.

After the Fado and Amália Tour you will understand the Portuguese people on a much deeper level.

From the place where Amália was born, in Freguesia da Pena, to her burial place in the National Pantheon (first baroque building in Lisbon), you will visit the house where she lived and died, now Casa Museu Amália Rodrigues, as well as the Fado Museum and the Basílica da Estrela, the church where Portuguese people paid their last tribute to the Queen of Fado.

Depending on your time and interest on the subject, we will also visit the old neighborhoods of Alfama, Bairro Alto, Mouraria or Madragoa, all of them related to Fado and the Portuguese guitar. Enjoy sunset from the top of Amália Rodrigues Garden and get ready for some Portuguese wine and sausages, a comforting bowl of Caldo Verde and an unforgettable evening of music in one of the most authentic and traditional Fado Houses.

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