Reflexology Therapist

Reflexology is my second profession and passion. Much more than a foot massage I was first in touch with this therapy in Thailand in the year 2000, the first time I visited this wonderful country.

Since then, my dream became my goal which was to become a licensed Reflexology Therapist. I graduated at the Instituto de Reflexologia Integrada de Lisboa and have been practicing since then.

Reflexology is basically a foot massage following the principle that there are certain areas in the feet and hands, corresponding to all organs, glands and body systems called “reflexes”. The correct stimulation of these reflexes can help your body bring back balance and start a self-healing process solving several health problems in a natural way, just like a preventive maintenance. Reflexology is a serious advance in the health field and should not be mistaken for just a massage.

Reflexology MassageAnd that’s the theory part of this old technique. However, the day of your scheduled massage you will find yourself immersed in a completely relaxing atmosphere, a comfortable massage lounge chair, in an absolute zen ambiance with a subtle music specially chosen to create the perfect setting is awaiting.

The massage lasts an hour, after which you will leave the room feeling light as a feather and with a tangible sense of true relaxation. A real treat during your holidays; or an excellent gift for a friend.

If you live in Lisbon, lucky you! Contact me and we’ll schedule your massage at your convenience. I am centrally located in Praça do Areeiro and I also work after office hours.

Send me an e-mail or give me a call; your feet, body and mind will never be the same again. And who knows? You might feel the same urge to learn Reflexology as I felt in Thailand :)